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Flamenco is believed to have orginally come from ancient Hindu dances of India. These dances entered Spain after influence from the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians and were further influenced by Arabic overtones of native Andalusian dancing. Flamenco is an improvised art form based on different types of music and dance developed in southern Spain during the last few centuries.

booking information


Bianca Antonia y Flamenco Andaluz can be booked for Private engagements, Restaurants, Festivals, Theaters, Schools/Universities, Private Classes/Workshops and Corporate Functions.

Important requirements:

*A wooden stage or dance floor is required.
*Adequate and clean dressing area is required
*Armless chairs (number to be determined depending on performers)
*Electrical outlets near performance area.
*We carry our own lighting and sound equipment for local venues. However if a local venue is unable to provide a wooden stage/flooring one can be provided for an extra fee. For out of town performances we require that they provide all necessary equipment and staging. If none is available we can also provide for additional fees.

For information on rates or questions please email: booking@biancaantonia.com